VitaPick Antiseptic

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vpdiagThe VitaPick applies the antiseptic
into the base of deep pockets

The VitaPick is an antiseptic applicator (not irrigator) with a very fine tip specifically designed to reach into the deep pockets over 4 mm deep. The reason the VitaPick works is because it effectively applies the natural antiseptic that kills the harmful bacteria at the base of even the deepest pocket.

Brushing, flossing, irrigating including mouth-washing and scaling at best can only kill the bacteria in shallow pockets. Deep pockets, let alone the base of deep pockets are not reached by these methods. Irrigating can force the bacteria deeper into the deep pockets and worsen the disease.

Very Safe and Effective Antiseptics

Briefly, one antiseptic that is recommended in the Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures is a solution you can easily make at home with table salt and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can purchased at the drug store, dollar store or super market. It can be easily found even in remote places. It is hard to beat the safety and price of hydrogen peroxide and salt.

Another solution covered is colloidal silver. Though tougher to find and more expensive it can be used against stronger bacteria. The good news is that both these natural antiseptics are very effective against deep pocket gum disease producing bacteria.  


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