Gum Surgery Dentist

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Dear Dentist,

The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures was written with both the dentist and the patient in mind. The book covers all aspects of the anti-infective nonsurgical treatment of periodontitis.

The approach of The Smile Method is anti-microbial. The reason The Smile Method is effective is because it focuses on killing the bacteria at the apex of pockets as deep as 12mm. Either antiseptic or antibiotic solutions can be used. These solutions are delivered to the apex of the pocket with the VitaPick subgingival applicator. Complete application instructions are included in the book. The mixing formulas for both antiseptic and antibiotic solutions are listed.

Patients prefer dentists that are sympathetic to antimicrobial nonsurgical treatment of periodontitis. The Smile Method works best when supported by a dentist.

The above was a very brief introduction to The Smile Method. For further details about The Smile Method select your area of interest from the menu.



Vas Gardiakos