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Testimonials from People Suffering
with Gum Disease

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Below are a few comments about The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures book and the VitaPick applicator:

Comments emailed from our Users that you may find interesting:

I was suffering from periodontal disease and my dentist referred me to a periodontist for gum surgery about a year ago. After that I started using the Smile Method and I observed a sharp improvement of my gum health within a few weeks. Today I went to see my periodontist for an evaluation. He was surprised to see the condition of my gum and does not think I need surgery any more.
Thanks for developing a very effective method for treating the gum disease.
S. C. Gaithersburg, Maryland

I received your book and applicators and have read your book and started your program.  You will not be surprised to learn that it has worked exactly as you predicted – and that I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
D. A. San Diego, California

… A few month ago, I had cosmetic bonding (my dentist filled up the space between the tooth and gum, supposedly) done on a few teeth with receding gums, I wish I knew then what I know now from your book. These teeth now look longer and I believe the infection was not treated, so my gum still bleed a lot and bad taste came out when I suck the air between the teeth. I applied a couple of times VitaPick with Hydrogen Peroxide solution over the weekend, I already noticed a big difference in the look of my gum and how clean and tight they feel…
J. D. Delray Beach, Florida

Referral: … Your product has helped to save me from further gum surgeries!  Thank you!
J. H. Northridge, California

8 years ago My sister, R. P. was advised to have surgery due to gum disease, she called and talked to V. Gardiakos AND since then up to now she is enjoying VERY HEALTHY GUMS! Now I may have some early symptoms and she advised me to call right away and do the Smile Method to prevent the disease.
K. D. Oak Park, California

Just had my first check up since using your system, 3 months. Was told by two different periodontists to have the gum surgery, but thought I would try your Smile Method first. Three quadrants show improvement and one stable. Pink tissues and no Bleeding. Fantastic!!
R. S. Green Bay, Wisconsin

Thank you for your attention to my concern and the suggestion about the addendum. I would like to add that I have been very happy with the product you sell, and it has allowed me to control infection and keep two teeth years after the doc wanted to pull them. Thank you for empowering the people to care for themselves. I am grateful!
C. S. Davis California

Note: We offer free online addendums (updates) to the Smile Method book to all our patrons. 

I received my order promptly.  Thank you.  I like the VitaPik very much and can tell it is already helping my problem of some obviously infected pockets… I am impressed with your book as well.  It is very comprehensive, sensible, and well-written. 
C. M. Kapaa, Hawaii

… and thanks for years worth of healthy teeth and gums!
G. K. Ashland, Oregon

Hello Mr. Gardiakos,

I bought your book about six months ago when I was diagnosed of gum disease. I wrote you in 12/2001 when my gums healed and I could save my wisdom teeth.

Last week I went to the office of the dentist where I was originally diagnosed and advised to get rid of at least one wisdom tooth. They were so surprised to see my recovery that the hygienist told so many times that I should be declared a model patient! At one point the staff even said that my photo should be framed and displayed in the clinic!!

They wished they saw more patients like me. The good thing was that when I found them receptive to what I had done, after reading your book, I showed them your book and they seemed to be appreciating the contents and advice from you. At least the hygienist told me that she will order a copy of your book.

At one location near the wisdom tooth, I still have a 5 mm pocket and I am working on that.

Meanwhile, please accept my regards and best wishes,
A. S. N. Andover, Massachusetts

I use the applicators 5 times per week, in the mornings, after the rest of my brushing and flossing.

Some pockets have reduced in depth from 1 – 2 mm.  Some are about the same.  None are deeper.  I have been using the applicators 2 1/2 years.

Thank you for the recommendation of using the super-saturated (I assume at room temperature) NaCl [table salt] and water solution.

H. P. Boulder, Colorado

Hi… I ordered your “Avoid Gum Surgery” pack about 12 months ago (order #C1119) and I guess you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m so pleased to have been able to prevent what my dentist saw as inevitable gum surgery. Money well spent!!! Thanks very much. Thanks!
M. D. London, United Kingdom

My dentist sent me to a periodontist to evaluate my gum condition. The periodontist recommended (expensive) gum surgery. On the web I found your book and your products, and used them . . . with great success.
A few months later, at my next dental visit, my dentist declared that he never would have sent me to the periodontist if my gums as good then as they are now. Additionally he reviewed the periodontist’s findings, evaluated my gums and stated that he flatly disagreed with the perio’s findings — infection was gone, pocket size reduced significantly, gum color and tone was excellent, and the orange peel texture was present.  Thanks so much for your help.
A. L. Marin, California

Referral: Referred by friend (who’s also a naturopathic doctor)
M. J. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Referral: friend of mine introduced me to this web four years ago and in fact it has help me a lot, else all my teeth would have been lost, because my dentist told me l’m going to lose all within a year and nothing can stop it but surgery, but l still have my teeth without the surgery.
E. Y. Worcester, Massachusetts

I’ve been using your smile method for over a year and it works great. My dentist said that my gums are in better shape then they were 20 years ago. And I had convenience store pockets. 7 & 11 mm deep! Thx,
G. E. M. 

… PS by the way I have read the book which is excellent, I think all dentists in the UK should read it too.
N. N. B. London, United Kingdom

… By the way, I am getting GREAT results! It’s been a month, and most of the pockets have diminished quite a bit. One very deep pocket (9 mm) seems to be closing more and more each week, which I’m thrilled about.

I’m waiting a couple more months until I visit my dentist so that I can have more time with the Vitapick – he’ll be shocked when he sees how healthy looking my gums are!
J. B. Amston, Connecticut

… I heard about your product from a friend who has had good results with the Vita Pick.
C. B. Little River, California

… My Mother and I are excited to try your products, as a friend of her’s improved his gums significantly over the course of 8 months utilizing the Applicators.
D.T. Toronto, Ontario Canada

I ordered your book and your product this pass January [2003] and have followed the books instructions step by step. I am happy to say all my infection is gone and I have never felt better. My next dentist appointment is July 14th and I can’t wait to see what he has to say. I will continue to follow the books information and I look forward to being in touch with you about my results.
Thank you so very much.
R. W. Blairsville, Georgia

My sister recommended the system to me. She has used it and her dentist noticed a dramatic change in her.
C. S. Shreveport, Louisiana

Hi Vas,  Me again. I am now at the stage where I use the applicator every day, several times a day, after eating. My periodontist says that on several occasions I have “reversed” infections which he considered treatable only by surgery The quote is “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. All he does now is clean my teeth, no more surgeries.  
R. A. Thornhill, Ontario Canada

Mr. Gardiakos, Thank you so much! I have referred you to many of my family and friends. I personally avoided gum surgery after using your system and then found a dentist who used it too …
J. W. Bedford, Massachusetts

I have bought before and now am Buying for friends. (because IT WORKS!) thanks
W. M. Eugene, Oregon

Referral: One of your previous clients directed me to your website. She speak well of your product.
S. K. Barberton, Mpumalanga South Africa

… I also would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming up with such a genius invention. I only wish I had found it out a lot sooner so I didn’t have to loose most of my teeth. The little bit of what I have left I’m trying to save by using vitapick because it really works! My dental hygienist who cleans my teeth on a regular basis was amazed on how my gum had improved and told him about vitapick. May God bless you for helping people like myself in saving our teeth!
E. P. Kaneohe, Hawaii

Referral: A good friend recommended this [the Smile Method] as it has made a huge difference for her dental health.
M. R. Millner, Northern Territory, Australia

Dear Mr. Gardiakos, In November 2003 I bought your book The Smile Method, the accessories and implemented  your  program.  At that time 1/3 of my pockets were 4mm with a smattering of 5mm and the other pockets were 2mm with most of them 3mm.  I watched as my 5mm pockets slowly disappeared and my 3mms became 2mms-some into 1mms!  In the  first 6 months of this year all my 4mm pockets were gone! And my last cleaning only one 4mm showed up. I know which tooth it is the 4mm will not be there at my next cleaning. I have not visited your website in a while and noticed your  “Free lifetime online updates”. [the on-line updates are free to all our customers] How do I sign up for the updates and are there any new methods or procedures since I bought your revised 2nd edition Smile Method book?  Thank-you very much. You are a life saver, a tooth savor and have saved me a great deal of pain, anxiety, and money. 
R. W. Rocklin, California

Thanks.  I love the Smile Method; it has really helped me halt the gum disease.
D. R. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I thank God for giving you the wisdom to take the time and patience to come up with sure a brilliant ideal. The smile method is wonderful, and is written with a simple understanding, no guess work.
Although, I only used the vitapick for two days, I went by the book, and started working on one deep pocket at a time and I can see and fell a difference already.  I’m excited.   Thanks 
E. C. Greensboro, New Jersey

Referral: from my friend Walter N. who successfully used the Smile Method to heal his Periodontitis :-)
I. L.  North Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia

Referral: My Dad recommended me to you/your product – J. D.
K. K. D. Scottsdale, Arizona

I recently had you mail the vita pick to general delivery, laguna beach, Ca.

Just wanted to let you know I received it, and thanks also for the super soft toothbrush. I’m very happy with this new vita pick and it is already working great! There is no other product comparable used with peroxide in my opinion. It has saved me much pain and infection and tooth loss. Just wanted to say thanks again.
R. S. Laguna Beach, California

Thank you so much for the vitapick. It has really helped so much…
V. Z. Whakatane, North Island, New Zealand

I want to thank you for making your product available to the average person who wants to take care of his/her dental problems. I bought your book/applicators about 6 months ago. I had a very deep pocket in one of my lower front teeth. The parodist I went to said he did not what was wrong and I would probably loose the tooth. He cleaned it and did nothing more. He said to come back in a month and he would take a look at it and said if it didn’t clear up, he would cut the gum and take a look. That is when I called you. After applying Hydrogen Peroxide for about a month, it seemed to get much better. Today I went to my regular dentist and the guy could not believe how it cleared up. He compared X-rays and said the pocket almost went away and the bone has grown back to almost what it was before I had the problem. The only problem I still have there is the gum has receded very badly. Not to much I can do about that. So THANKS again!!!
G. L. Santee, California

My daughter uses your product and advised me to use it also.
P. F. P. Middleborough, Massachusetts

Referral: Googling for a solution to gingivitis and dental pockets. I am a repeat customer purchasing for my family. Your product is EXCELLENT!!!!Dentist has been wanting to take my tooth out for some time and replace with an implant for an exorbitant cost!!! I am glad I resisted and found your product in time. My mouth and teeth have never felt happier I even feel stronger and healthier. Cant thank you enough for this brilliant product !!!!!!
L. M. Windlesham, Surrey, United Kingdom

Hi Vas, Thanks for the information.  Yes my gum is improving.  I am very happy to have bought the vita pick.  Cheers
C. N. L. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Referral: My friend B. W. of Stelle IL first told me about using your system. He highly recommended it to me.  I searched Google to find your website.
B. R. Chesterland Ohio

Referral: Word of mouth: a friend in my church used your product with great success.
P. C. Hereford, Arizona

I have been using the method now for 2 weeks and am very happy at the results I have achieved so far. I have been using the antibiotic solution because of the abscess I have had and also for several other sites that bleed and today I am feeling pretty confident that I am finally on the right track. My gums are nearly healed and in so much better condition than they were 2 weeks ago. I think the “inventor” is a genius to have come up with this innovative plan and wish to thank him……..thank you.
J. T.  Australia

I’ve already bought one set. As it has proved so effective, I would like to give one to my sister in South Korea. If you could send it directly to her, please send it to the following address: … Many thanks.
S. L.  Norwich, United Kingdom

Thank-you for helping me save my teeth with your valuable knowledge and information.  I would like to order two pair of applicators on line as I already have your book with my first order.  Is this possible to do on-line? — Yes.
K. B. Anaheim, California

Referral: My dad ordered the pick and had much success.
M. T. S. Elkridge, Maryland

Dear Albrite, I am reading THE SMILE METHOD and enjoying very much the fact that the two (2) VitaPick syringes I ordered from you on August 6, 2010 arrived promptly thereafter. The VitaPick helps me feel so much more in charge of my dental health than otherwise being solely at the receiving end of dentists and hygienists.
Thank you, thank you!
Z. Z. Sarasota, Florida

Referral: highly recommended by friend and neighbor
S. S. New York, New York

I was looking on the internet and came across your website. I researched a lot and found that the VitaPick seemed logical since the hygienist used the very same method on me and it cost me $90.00 for one treatment.
S. H. Lakeside, California

Referral: Internet search. Wonderful advise and product. Recommended to several others. Thank you!
W. G. Portland Oregon

Referral: D. W. a cousin of mine used this product and loved it.
T. D. Tampa Florida

I just wanted to say I recently started the SMILE Method and in just a short time I’m having significant improvement. Thank you very much for the book and the VitaPicks. 
B. J. Hilo, Hawaii

Dear “vas”, Thank you so much for replacing the faulty applicator that I wrote to you about in February.  The replacement arrived and works perfectly. Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for all of your research and information included in the book that I ordered and read (How to Avoid Gum Surgery). Six years ago I moved to Arizona from California and ‘lost’ my dental care. The first dentist I visited in AZ recommended gum surgery, which sounded painful as well as expensive. Fear and the prohibitive cost kept me from returning to any dentist for five more years, during which time I decided to educate myself and find an alternative approach to dental health.  The most helpful tool I ran across was your book…it gave me hope that I could indeed make a difference, and take charge of my own health. After using most of your methods for about 6 months, I worked up the courage to again visit a dentist. Yesterday I went in for the exam and cleaning, and was told by the dental hygienist that had she not seen x-rays, she would not believe that I had any pockets at all.  She said that I must be taking wonderful care of my mouth as the cleaning caused no bleeding whatsoever, that my gums were firm healthy and snug to the teeth! Needless to say, I was ecstatic! This was a new dentist, I never again went back to the other one.  I just wished to share my experience with you and to express my gratitude to you for your wonderful book….IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  
J. F. Tucson, Arizona

… My gums are healing because of your product.
J. J. N. Orland Park, Illinois

Two months ago I had some pockets measuring about 6 and 7, was referred to a periodontist and scheduled for oral surgery. Someone recommended you. I purchased the book and irrigators. I went to the dentist yesterday and I now have no pockets greater than 4. The surgery has been cancelled. 

I cannot recommend the value of your program highly enough. Thank you. The dentist was very surprised to see such a quick and dramatic turnaround. This program is the real deal. 

R. L. Novato, California

Referral: Two of my good friends have used your product and recommended I order the same.  A. B. and J. F.
C. C. Tucson, Arizona

I really admire the extensive research and determination that is evident in your program……..I’ve taken on similar challenges with other health conditions I’ve faced. I love defying the medical establishment and have also gone to great lengths to do this very thing……..

I’ve only followed your program for a few days now and am seeing obvious results……it’s most rewarding. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this gift with the world. I enjoy bragging about your book, product, and program to others.
J. R. Coral Springs, Florida

Dear Mr. Gardiakos, I have used VitaPick in the past and has benefited from it for years. Your book has also helped a great deal. For this I am eternally grateful.
C. L. Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

… By the way, the Smile Method works for me. Thank you.
V. I. Washington, Pennsylvania

I purchased your Vitapick about 1-1/2 years ago and it really helped me tremendously.  In fact, before I used the Vitapick my gums would not bleed while brushing, but would bleed a lot when flossing.  After using the Vitapick, the bleeding while flossing stopped.  I started taking a lot better care of my teeth, regular flossing my teeth and using my Oral B electric toothbrush twice a day instead of once a day.

Unfortunately, after my condition improved, I stopped using the Vitapick, which was about 1 year ago.  I just came from the dentist’s office.  They told me that I had deep pockets — a few were size 9.  They told me I needed deep scaling & cleaning done.

Needless to say, I’m going to get my Vitapick out and start using it immediately.
G. S. Tallahassee, Florida

Referral: A friend ordered your product and loved it. So she recommended it to me.
C. G. Redford, Michigan

I am reordering, as I have used this product previously with great results.
S. L. Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

Referral: I am purchasing this for my brother after using it 10 years ago to save my teeth.  It worked great!
B. M. Riverton, Wyoming

Over the last 4 years I’ve had a variety of flap procedures, root planning and scaling etc.  Last December things really flared up and I ended up on 2 weeks of strong antibiotics, which had no effect.  I ended up getting second opinions from a variety of periodontists, and a university school of dentistry.  Recommendations were everything from more surgery, to dental implants.  They see deep pockets, and want to fix them.

Long story short.  About 9 months ago I started using your product 3-4 times per week at night.  I just now got back from my original dentist and he said whatever you are doing, keep doing it.  His opinion was that I’ve basically halted the disease, and that my teeth are much less mobile.  I mentioned more surgery and implants, he just shook his head. 

My office manager and her brother have now used your product as well, both with positive results.
T. B.  Austin, Texas

Referral: I heard about it from my daughter who has used your product.
J. G. Georgetown, Idaho

Referral: I have been ordering these [VitaPick applicators] for years and have been able to avoid surgery, thank you.
B. M. Grass Valley, California

Your Smile Method is very effective. I am recommending it to all my friends and relatives. 
C. L. Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you so much for making the Smile Method available to the public. I have been successfully using your recommendations for almost two years, and they had saved me from gum surgery in the nick of time…
A. T. Chicago, Illinois

I have been using the Smile Method for several years now, and have great success.
S. D. Drewsville, New Hampshire

Referral: I first heard Vasilios Gardiakos on the Gary Null show years ago     and I have ordered several of these through the years. I broke mine and need a new one. The last visit to the DDS said my #5 pockets are now #4 pockets a great improvement for me, I used it sporadically.
P. L. Brick, New Jersey

I have to tell you that this system is a miracle. My gum health is 100% better and I feel so good now. I have been practicing the program for less than two weeks . Thank you so much. the VitaPick made the difference.
P. C. Cape May, New Jersey

I would like to add my positive comments to the many others who have had success with this programme.  I started the Smile Method 12 months ago when I was referred to a Periodontist for gum surgery.  He explained very little about what was involved but the cost and the time was enough for me to say let me think about it.  I hit the internet and found the Smile Method, ordered the book etc and started.  I still have some bleeding of the gums but nothing like I used to have. 

I returned to my local dentist last week – a year later.  He couldn’t believe he was looking at the same mouth and said whatever you are doing – keep doing it.  My upper back teeth are no longer mobile and my mouth health has greatly improved.  I still have quite a bit of work to do but this has been a dramatic result for a year. 

I would just like to say thank you.  I am so pleased to be able to be avoiding expensive and painful gum surgery.   Long live the smile method!! 
C. M. Loxton, South Australia, Australia

Referral: I purchased your book a few years ago and I kept your info from the book.  I originally was told by a friend.  Not sure how she knew about your company.  I will say the product does produce excellent results and I have told both of my dentist about your book.  They are impressed with my results also.  Thank you very much!!!!
P. E. Paducah, Kentucky

I recently purchased your book and have already noticed great results in just one week! I wanted to thank you. My gums are firmer and less spongy. So, thanks for all your research.
K. L. Naples, Florida


After I had been diagnosed with adult periodontitis i felt helpless, facing the loss of up to 4 teeth and an uncertain future regarding the rest. 

In desperation I embarked on vas’s excellent system which I came across on the net after entering the gloomy words “gum disease” I changed my dentist to someone willing to try an alternative to tooth loss and other negative surgery.

The cure is now in my own hands and my dentist is so, so, impressed with the results. We are now able to plan cosmetic surgery to put right some of the devastating damage caused by this awful army of bacteria. As my dentist says ” you can do anything with healthy gums”

Two months down the line I just want to say thank-you vas for saving my smile, and to everyone else i absolutely recommend you take this opportunity to save your teeth. You will, I promise, feel as excited as I do right now!
L. J. Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom

The vita pick works just great, and has cured my gum infections 2 or 3 times. It is a wonderful thing!
N. W. Milton, North Carolina

Just wanted to share with you the excellent results obtained with the Smile Method! I now feel in control of my condition and best of all have saved the $3,000 plus bill from the Periodontist. I encourage you to continue spreading the word about this breakthrough in health care…
M. C. Colinas Metro, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

I received my VitaPick applicators today. They are the only thing that is preventing my teeth from falling out.
J. T. Essendon, Victoria, Australia

Referral: After I first saw your system in a magazine back in 1998, I discussed the concept with Hal Huggins, a colleague at the time, and he thought it was a great idea. I ordered and subsequently saved my wife’s tooth, which a very allopathic dentist had abandoned. I am now back for another kit in an attempt to save my very loose lower front tooth that would be considered hopeless by a traditional dentist. [May 2011]
J. L. Newton, Massachusetts

Subject: Order received. Thanks! Thank you for your prompt shipment of my order. I’m reading the book now and must admit how surprised I am to find how well it was researched and written. Exceeded my expectations!!! Can hardly wait to try it out. I plan to order some of your other products.
J. G.

I bought the book same years ago, but I did not read it until I found out that I have periodontitis. Now I read the book all the time when I need some information.
Thank you.
V. B. Newark, New Jersey

… I’ve been using the system for almost three months now and have had wonderful improvements with my gums… Thanks.
F. D. D. Prairieville, Louisiana

Hello Vas,
       Thank you for returning my call a few days ago regarding the purchase of two new Vita Picks. I originally ordered your book back in June of 1997 right after being diagnosed with an advanced case of periodontitis. Given that I am the type of person to prefer taking responsibility for my health rather than go along with what ever is prescribed by doctors or dentists, I immediately got on the internet and found your web page. That was the best thing I could have done. I owe you many thanks for 1) having the right information for me and 2) for making it so readily available. I read your book and immediately put your ideas to work for me. I did everything you suggested in a very disciplined fashion for a year. I stayed so disciplined probably because I started to see improvement right away, and because I was determined to heal myself as well as “prove the dentist wrong” when she told me that the condition was “non-reversible and incurable”. I was told that I would need root planning and a whole list of extensive work costing thousands of dollars. Well, I decided to give the Smile Method a try and am now so glad that I did.       
       A year later, May 1998, I returned to the same dentist for another periodontal probe. Where the year before she had found pockets of 4 and 5 mm depths, they were now only 3 and 4 mm. I had one molar that originally had measured at over 10 mm read only at 3mm a year later. The dentist was so confused that she thought the second reading was wrong and tried to push the probe down deeper. Then unable to believe otherwise, she came to the conclusion that the reading the year before MUST have been wrong! I know that it was not wrong. I gave particular attention the that tooth/gum with daily treatment with the vitapick, vitamin C and lots of massage and I even visualized the gum re-adhering to the tooth. The most ironic part of the whole story is that when I told the dentist what I had been doing for the past year to heal my condition, she asked no questions, said she had never heard of the Smile Method and left it with “well, whatever you’re doing, keep it up”. She was unable, from my perspective, to relinquish her trained belief that this “disease” is not curable or reversible, therefore unwilling to recognize what was right before her eyes or to view this as a case for medical history.               So, I want to acknowledge you sir, and thank you very much for having done the work that you have and making my job so much easier just by giving me the information I needed to get started.
S. R., USA

Please forward one VitaPick to… I have  friend who owns this appliance and she is so happy with the results since her last dental checkup…
B. K. K. Melbourne, Florida

I received your book and the Vitapick about a week ago. My gums were extremely inflamed with big bulging pockets in some places and lots of bleeding EVERY time that I brushed. Already the bulges, although they have not completely disappeared, have reduced in size and the bleeding is very minimal or non existant where before it was to be expected. Also, my gums are now beginning to have a healthy color now with a few red spots instead of being completely red. 

I have been taking Dilantin forever and my teeth and gums have always been bad. I now have hope that I can save my gums and teeth. I was told before that I should have the gum surgery but when I asked if it would be cured if I did I was told probably not, so I didn’t have it. I was so tired of being told to floss when it just seemed to cut my gums. The Vita pick can get into the area where the bacteriais hiding and get rid of it. 

Thank you for going to all the trouble of putting out this book for the millions of people like me who need it.
M. S. Fair Oaks, California

Note: I have ordered before and I have given many out to others in trouble and it saved them from surgery.
C. S. Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

Referral: A friend who found it successful.
D. N. Venice, Florida

I’ve been following the routine for a week now, and am very optimistic that the system will work. Already, my gums look better, and my mouth feels fresh. I was one of those people who had gum surgery recommended but never followed through. I’m so glad that I didn’t. Thank you for developing the “Smile Method”.
J. R. Boston, Massachusetts

I ordered the book and equipment over a year ago and used it and shocked my dentist with my gum improvement.
G. D. Parrish, Florida

Referral: My Husband
J. S. Depoe Bay, Oregon

My dentist was enthusiastic when I told him about your system and he helped me find the [periodontal] pockets using the VitaPick.
J. R. Boston, Massachusetts

Your book was highly recommended and immediately borrowed to me by Mrs. V. S. (The Hague, Holland) a cranio-sacrale therapist. I feel relieved, especially as I refused to have surgery because I know it will not help. Finally I found someone else who thinks the same about the subject and did the research. I like to start as soon as possible with the program.
J. G., The Netherlands

Thanks for the information.  I dropped one [VitaPick] down the drain which only leaves me with one and I would hate to be without it, so I am ordering some spares.

I am positive I have saved myself two terribly painful weekends because of the VitaPick.  Thank you for all you’ve done.  Sincerely,
L. A. DeKalb, Illinois

About a year ago I saw your ad in a San Diego paper and I thought Wow!… just what I was looking for… I feel that now I can finally make some progress with this thing….Thanks a lot for showing up before I lost or pulled any teeth.
R. S. Perris, California

Referral: I found the link some 3 years ago, while searching in the internet  for the information on how to fight a gum disease. It greatly, greatly helped.
P. T. Pathumthani, Thailand

Wow!! If you were here I’d give you one great big kiss and hug!! 

After 4 years of inept care by my old dentist, I was facing severe gum disease and the possibility of losing several teeth. They performed one root canal and crown to get rid of my pain but the pain just became worst.

I stayed on HydroCo for several months. All they wanted to do for me was root canals, crowns, and tooth implants. Never did they ever say I had any gum problems even though I kept going back to them in pain and had gum abscesses. The last abscess above my top front tooth was so large it could have killed me. They were ready to take me to the hospital emergency room when I returned again to them and said see this thing… it’s killing me!!

They said that tooth had to be pulled as soon as the abscess was cleared up and I would probably need a tooth implant. I was devastated when they said this but while recovering from this abscess, I read your website. I headed straight to a periodontist to confirm my belief that I had gum disease. He recommended I immediately have $5,000 in gum surgery to save my teeth!!

Luckily, I found a different dental office that would do what I asked by providing a deep scaling followed by cleanings every 3 months while letting me follow your procedures from your book. So finally I was getting proper dental care in Oct 2001.

Since then my condition has improved and improved!! With my dental cleaning visit today (3 Aug 2004), they told me that I am their “Poster Child” for dental care!!! (My worst pocket on my top front tooth of 12mm is now at 5mm. They explained that the pocket depth was probably deeper but the gums were so healthy and tight that this new measurement was as far as they could push the probe.) They are extremely impressed with my results and are recommending your procedures to several of their other patients!! I’ve given them your website address and told them to read your very important book explaining your entire procedure of proper professional dental cleaning care married with proper daily cleaning care. 

I know my gum disease will never be cured but at least I can now deal with it without horrible pain and pain pills. All I can say is… THANK YOU!

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Warmest Regards,

Referral: I read a online review of the book “The Smile Method” from the magazine “positive health” which a favourable Review by Lois M Tutton BDS, MSc. She is a dentist in the UK.
A. D. S. Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Your applicator has been a blessing.
L. G. Bronx, New York

Hi all fine people at Albrite! I have ordered your book and vitapick many years ago. I read it and was able to understand it the way it was written. I am so blessed with it. My teeth and gums are still healthy at my age. Not even one crown!
I am very pleased with it and I enthusiastically promote your book amongst my friends and i am sure it resulted in at least 5 orders by them directly. My problem is that due to so many years of using the two vitapick they finally gave up.
I took really care of them stored them away in a special box, dried them prior to storage and used it with care. I also used it many times to demonstrate how to use it amongst my friends :) So the vitapick is really something I am proud to use. Thank you for such wonderful product.
D. W. Kamienna Gora, Poland

Referral: …a friend is a very satisfied customer.
G. B. Beverly Hills, California

Referral: From a friend who ordered the dentistry kit from Living Libations which included your Vita-Pik applicator. It saved her from having gum surgery.
V. P. Baie D’Urfe, Quebec, Canada

Comments mailed in by users:

Vas, Thanks for your help and your book. My periodontist told me I don’t need surgery!
Thanks again.
A. O. Palatine, Illinois

I just wanted to say the I absolutely love your product. I have seen two periodontist and three great dentist and all five were no help at all. I used your product for 2 weeks and all of my problems are gone.
J. S.Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Love the VitaPick!
E. F. E. Darien, Connecticut

… I have been using your VitaPicks for years and have saved several teeth. Thank you.
B. M. Grass Valley, California

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing you book. My gums were in such sad shape that the teeth were already loose – and I’d thought all along that my oral hygiene was perfect.

I’ve only been using your technique for a little more than a week and I can already chew on the teeth that were loose before. I know I was going to lose my teeth – it was obvious; but today my gums are (almost all) pink and healthy looking.
A. C. Brooklyn, New York

… The effort you put forth have helped many people. Sincerely,
J. G. Holiday, Florida

I feel the vitapick works good. Would like to order … I also have the book this helps a lot also. thanks.
D. E. Fountain, Colorado

I did what your book said to do and my teeth improved immediately and I found a new dentist who said he was willing to not pull my tooth. I continued to practice your advice and went back to him in a month and he said the gums were totally free from infection and that the tooth that the first dentist had wanted to pull had gotten more stable and could be saved for sure.
C. D. B. Chicago, Illinois

The system works. …awaiting the Vitapicks and greater dental well-being…
R.S. San Jose, California

Referral: I heard about your product in a seminar I attended. The gentleman that held the seminar is a chemist and he said your product would save me a lot of money. That’s how I found out about your product. I am looking forward at giving it a try. Thanks
R. M. Grand Prairie, Texas

Yesterday my wonderful dentist, Bob Burton (of Newton MA) told me I have two pockets of 5 mm. each. He recommended your book and I look forward to clearing up this condition…
M. G. Essex Station, Massachusetts

I have been battling periodontal disease since I was 28 years old. I had surgery when I was 37 years old. Recently I was told by 2 perio’s that I needed surgery again. I sent for your Smile Method. I used the VitaPick for 6-8 months. I just had an evaluation done and for the first time in years I actually heard low numbers. (2-4). Usually I always had higher numbers (6-9). I am sending for 2 new VitaPicks so I can continue my maintenance. I am 52 years old and still have most of my teeth – Thank you for this alternative method. I am so glad I did refuse the 2nd surgery.
L. A. K. South Amboy, New Jersey

… Using the VitaPick has made my gums feel enormously better over the past two years. Even my hygienist at my dentist’s has commented that my gums and roots and pockets are much cleaner than ever before with less tartar to clean off. My teeth and gums feel better than they have for years…
E. S. Wassaic, New York

… I found your book on “The Smile Method” very informative and helpful. My family is already following many of your recommendations.  
R. A. L. Chatham, New Jersey

Thank you for your product. Now when I feel a gum infection flaring up I have the information from your book to help me treat myself. My last two dental visits have been a much more positive experience!
B.S. Caputula, California

Having great success with the VitaPick. The book was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you for all your help.
J. A. St. Augustine, Florida

My oral surgeon was very impressed with my home program and encouraged me to continue it. Of course, I have only you to thank for this home-care program.
R. J. Damascus, Pennsylvania

I was told approximately a year and a half ago that I would need a $6,000 surgery because I had (have) advanced gum disease. I was to say the least, very upset… …I read the book immediately and took many of your suggestions very seriously… …Within two weeks I noticed a significant change… …The improvement less bleeding and reduced puffiness at first, also my breath was wonderful! Then the changes (improvement) came slower but within two months I felt the symptoms were under control… …The change has been so significant that there is no problem as long as I stick with a solid routine… …I have also noticed a significant gum change on a lower tooth that has tightened up significantly. Thank you very much! I feel so fortunate to have found the SMILE METHOD.
G. M. Seattle, Washington

Thanks for the “VitaPick”. I love it, It works great!
S. W. Clearwater, Florida

The VitaPick arrived today by Priority Mail, and it’s everything I expected…. My thanks for the great service.  
M. G. Wilton, Connecticut

Have been using the Smile Method for a few years. I originally found the Albrite site on Yahoo. I am very pleased with the results I have achieved.
R. F. Dunnellon, Florida

…The VitaPick is FANTASTIC. I wish I had it years ago.
S. J. Port Angeles, Washington

Your book is a winner with me!
B. D. Los Angeles, California

Hello, I had ordered/read your book a couple years back and have been using the VITAPICK pretty regularly, w. good results. (when I stay on it)!
S. S. Chicago Illinois

The VitaPick I received in September has helped me a lot! … My Mexican dentist was impressed.
E. S. Heber, California

P.S.  The book really is great!  So much good stuff in it.  Thanks for all your hard work and research.
C. P. Standish, Maine

Please send me two VitaPicks. They and your book have saved my teeth!
P.M. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Thanks for your helpful book and research.!
L.P. Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have used these products before in years before, and I must say I was very impressed with your Method and your products.   yours sincerely,
J. H. Mobile, Alabama

… My regret is having had root planing. I wish I had heard of the VitaPick beforehand.
R. J. New York, New York

I am reordering for the second time. Your product is great!
V. I. Alachua, Florida

Links to Testimonials

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Chester Yozwick, N.D., P.M.D. Ph.D.

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Comments from Health Professionals

Vas, Keep up the good work, it is needed.
T. M., D.D.S. Sebastopol, California

Recently I have tighten ten mm pocketed teeth with your help.  I think together we can lick a lot of these problems.
S. S. rdh New York, New York 

A home oral health system that works. I have been using VitaPick now for approximately four years and my last dental check up revealed my gums and teeth to be in a stable condition, free of periodontal infection.
Chester Yozwick, N.D., P.M.D., Ph. D. Vibrations Vol. 5 #1

As a well-educated general dentist in practice for 23 years, I would like to congratulate you on your book, The Smile Method — an easy to follow home-care program for gum disease. You have certainly done proper investigation and you offer the public a very accurate picture of the problems that exist and a choice of common sense solutions.
D. V., D.D.S. Miami Beach, Florida

I am writing to let you know that not only am I impressed with your quick response in sending me the VitaPick, but also that this little instrument is giving me absolutely remarkable results, even after having used it the first couple of times. I had such a bad gum infection around two of the upper molars that had deep pockets. I was so excited with the instrument that on the first day I used it three times and on the second day twice with the recommended salt and peroxide solution, and a couple of drops of colloidal silver. The infections seem to have cleared up to such a point that I can now bite on those teeth without pain, and the one tooth has even tightened up significantly.

As a naturopath I know that one has to go to the cause of any health problem, and this little VitaPick certainly goes right to the problem by eliminating the bacteria and this stops the disease process. Using the “Smile Method” and the VitaPick will help anyone to achieve some really fantastic results. No one wants to go through gum surgery, and I really feel that if they take care of their gums by following this wonderful program, along with good nutrition and some stress reduction people will be amazed at how good they will feel. And being able to have healthy gums also prevents many other problems. I will most certainly recommend this wonderful program and VitaPick to my clients. What a wonderful way to start the New Year off with, a great looking “SMILE”, and no gum infections. 
I..E., N.D. Colorado

The Smile Method is an extremely well written and researched book outlining how to treat gum disease and avoid gum surgery. I recommend it as required reading for anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining healthy gums and teeth.
Dr. Z. S. H. Mountain View, California

…I find your book very honest, helpful, effective and safe.
Dr. E. F. Miami, Florida

I have been using your “MicroPick” [now VitaPick] and really love it. It has saved me many  visits to the periodontist. I am a Naturopathic Physician with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and often recommend it to my patients along with appropriate supplementation for gum disease. … Thank you for your time and making such a necessary product.
E. S. L., Ph.D., N.D. Santa Barbara, California  


The results expressed in the above testimonial may be unique to the individual(s) involved. The testimonial, and descriptions of the products used, are not intended to promote any direct or implied health claims, and actual results of usage can vary.

Most of the testimonials we receive are by phone. They always help encourage us to continue with our work. Because we cannot document the testimonials received by phone calls none are included on this site.  

Smile Method Book Reviews

I’ve been using THE SMILE METHOD and the VITAPICK for over two weeks now and I must tell you that I’m impressed. I now can deliver a dose of natural antiseptic to the deep pockets of each tooth. Already, I see that the pink color is returning. My gums only bleed slightly now when I brush, floss or use the VITAPICK. This means that the lesions are healing. In addition, there is no longer an offensive smell. My only regret is not knowing about this earlier. I doubt that I would have lost any teeth. In addition, the VITAPICK is long enough to prevent or eliminate abscesses that form in very deep pockets — 10 to 12 mm (½ inch). I’m confident that with the VITAPICK and THE SMILE METHOD I can now control all aspects of periodontitis and save my remaining teeth and gums!
The Diabetic Warrior™, September 2003, Reviewed by Patrick Lecky

HOW TO AVOID GUM SURGERY by Vas Gardiakos is one of those rare finds that you could easily miss if we didn’t tell you about it first! As boring as the title may seem, statistics tell us that 7 out of 10 people will develop some form of gum disease by the time middle age is reached. Of that group, a significant percentage are likely to acquire an infection for which surgery (a nasty little procedure called a “flap”) is likely to be prescribed. For those in this predicament looking for alternatives, there really were none. Until Gardiakos came along, that is. In the tradition of the classical Skeptic, Gardiakos himself developed gum problems for which surgery was required. Where millions before him had gone unquestioningly, he (after doing his homework) elected not to go. Instead he developed his own unique approach to gum disease an approach that relies on an inexpensive flushing device he himself designed and sells to clear up the problem. The book presents all his research as well as his conclusions. HOW USEFUL IS THE AUTHOR’S APPROACH? Well, one of our own writers had a recurring infection that had already had two surgeries (“flaps”) in the same area. As Gardiakos says in his book, the surgeries themselves are a fairly dramatic case of overkill, and do permanent damage to tissue and gum. Rather than face a third procedure in the same area as his doctor recommended our writer used the Gardiakos approach and, after some trial and error, brought the infection under control in less than 6 weeks. Highly recommended!
The McLuhan Analystr™, July 1997 posting

… Gardiakos’ method [The Smile Method] involves a more gentle method, one he developed after researching ideas from the ADA, The International Dental Health Foundation and other sources…. Gardiakos covers lots of territory, including diagnostics, typical procedures, cleaning techniques, vitamin supplements, some “recipes” for effective antiseptic solutions and of a special applicator [VitaPick]. Thorough and helpful, for those who seek a fresh approach to a common disease.
The Book Reader, 1998

… His [V. Gardiakos] main treatise is the use of deep (application) irrigation to periodontal pockets using the VitaPick which he designed along with the tried and tested solutions of salt and Hydrogen Peroxide. … The author’s enthusiasm for communicating the importance for an individual oral health maintenance programme has to be applauded.
Positive Health, November 1999, Reviewed by Lois M. Tutton BDS, MSc

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