Gum Disease Summary

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Dear Dental Patient,

If you suffer from advanced gum disease or periodontitis, you now have a proven technique available to help you improve your gum health and avoid painful gum surgery, root planing and curettage.

Briefly, bacteria (plaque) force the gum to detach from the tooth, forming a pocket. The bacteria cannot be reached by brushing, flossing and irrigating and therefore the pocket deepens. If the bacteria in the pocket are not killed, more of the bone that supports teeth is destroyed. The gum-line then recedes, the teeth loosen and fall out. Gum disease can harm your health. (gum disease and periodontal disease describe the same problem)

Fortunately, now there is a way to kill the gum disease bacteria in the deepest pockets and Save Your Teeth!

Research has proven that salt solution and hydrogen peroxide quickly kill the gum disease bacteria when applied into the site. Applying the antiseptic nearby does not kill the bacteria. This is the reason brushing, flossing and irrigating fail to stop the gum disease destruction..

It is the bacteria at the base of deep pockets that destroy the bone that supports the teeth, recede the gum-line and cause tooth loss. It is this deep bacteria that the VitaPick attacks.

The VitaPick is a durable and re-usable (non-electric) pen-size applicator designed to deliver antiseptics into the deep pockets. The reason the VitaPick works is because it can reach and bathe the deep pocket with natural antiseptic solutions. These powerful antiseptics kill the bacteria at the base of even the deepest pockets to stop the disease process. Click here for more antiseptic info.

The VitaPick is the only practical way to kill
the destructive bacteria in deep pockets.

I developed the VitaPick over a nineteen year period. I use it periodically to keep my deep pockets healthy. I avoided expensive, painful and disfiguring gum surgery. Best of all, I saved my teeth. The VitaPick can also help you improve your gum health even if your gum disease is very advanced or is the result of diabetes or osteoporosis. I recommend you use this conservative method first, before trying invasive procedures such as gum surgery and root planing.

My 160 page easy to follow book, The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures is a comprehensive manual on the natural home treatment of periodontitis. It lists all the problems associated with gum surgery, laser surgery, and root planing. Illustrations will show you how to use the VitaPick. Covered also are a few simple ways to verify that the VitaPick is working for you, so that you are not guessing about your gum health.

Cheer Up!
Save hundreds of dollars in dental bills!

Thebook The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures and the two VitaPick applicators are now available for only $ 33.95. For the details on how to place an order click here.

Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, return your order within sixty days, for a prompt refund. For a healthy smile tomorrow, Order Today!



Vas Gardiakos

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