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Gum Disease?
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The VitaPick fights advanced gum disease because it applies antiseptics that destroy the harmful deep pocket bacteria. This pen-size instrument works because it delivers powerful natural antiseptics (click here) that kill the destructive bacteria at the BASE of even the deepest pocket. Brushing, flossing and irrigating are rated only for shallow pockets!

The Smile Method – How to Avoid Expensive, Painful and Disfiguring Gum Surgery and Dentures (and Dental Implants) is an 160 page easy-reading book using illustrations to help you apply this natural home treatment for advanced gum disease, periodontal disease and periodontitis. The Smile Method will help you kill the deep harmful bacteria and to verify effectiveness. Stop bad breath, tooth sensitivity and receding gums. Avoid tooth loss!

Summary: The VitaPick is the only instrument presently available that is designed to kill the gum disease bacteria at the BASE of pockets deeper than 4mm.

Over 26 years of periodontal disease research

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The Smile Method Book How to Avoide Gum Surgery 

The VitaPick works because it applies an antiseptic that kills the destructive gum disease bacteria at the base of even the deepest pocket. Stop gum disease and save your teeth.
Gum disease? This 160 page book covers all aspects of the natural home treatment of harmful gum disease or periodontitis. Avoid gum surgery! Stop bad breath, receding gums. Save your teeth.

Over 31,000 Smiling Customers

 Having great success with the VitaPick. The
book was very informative and easy to follow.
J. A. St. Augustine, Florida
 …The VitaPick is FANTASTIC.
I wish I had it years ago.
S. J. Port Angeles, Washington 
 … I have been using your VitaPicks for years
and have saved several teeth. Thank you.
B. M. Grass Valley, California
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The Smile Method works because
it applies antiseptics that kill the
harmful bacteria at the BASE of
even the deepest pocket!
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The Smile Method - A gum disease, periodontitis natural alternative. Avoid gum surgery! Stop bad breath, receding gums. Friendly Reminder:
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